File Transfers with MASV 3 - Review

May 13, 2019

Transferring files to clients and remote teams can be one of the most obnoxious parts of running a business that generates a ton of data.  I have stacks of shuttle drives that get mailed to editors or remote teams, and getting them back is always a hassle. This year I switched our company to G Suite with the unlimited storage option, which has been awesome as a tool to archive and send data. I have over 2TB of data backed up on our Drive and we only pay $10/user/mo. The downside is that if a client or collaborator doesn't have the Drive File Uploader on their computer, they get a bunch of zip files they have to download and then the whole file structure is busted. So I was back to using hard drives again.

That's until I (re)discovered 3. I had played around with early versions of the tool, but the pricing model at the time didn't make financial sense for us.  However, now they have a flat fee of 25 cents per gigabyte downloaded. The best part is that there's no file size limit. The tool is as simple as dragging the footage folder into the drop area, entering your recipients information, and clicking send.  It's fast, and they have servers all around the world to make sure your files get transferred quickly.  Uploads are available for download for 10 days and it's as simple as clicking download for your clients or collaborators.

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