About James

Passionate about cinematography and an eye for creativity, James Headrick is driven to create beautiful imagery that is emotional and memorable. He's spent over nine years crafting visual content in photography, weddings, documentaries, and commercial media. As a creative entrepreneur, he has several creative outlets including running J. Headrick Weddings, co-owner/DP at Spero Labs, LLC, and freelances for documentaries and short films.

My Story

Creative entrepreneurship was so far out of what I considered a potential path just a few years ago. When I started college, I planned on either working for a local production company or moving somewhere like LA or Atlanta to join the film scene. It wasn’t until I became roommates with friend from school who believed deeply in entrepreneurship and cutting his own path in life. I watched him attempt to build several company ideas and taking big risks to pursue his dreams and through failure, part-time jobs, and a whole lot of hustle. He’d often encourage me to not settle for normal and handed me nearly every entrepreneurship book he finished. I thought it was crazy that someone, especially someone out of college could go and just start their own business and actually succeed at it, but it’s all because of his encouragement that I even considered starting my own company.

After graduating, I went on to work some contract video jobs and a part-time gig with a church as their media director, while trying to start my own wedding videography business. I shot a few friend’s weddings and my business started growing mainly by word-of-mouth, and that became my side-hustle. A year after graduating , I took a full-time job as a college counselor. Now, it was rewarding helping high school kids figure out what they wanted to do with their lives, but not even remotely close to what I wanted to do with my career. My goal was to leave that job within 2-3 years to launch into freelancing full-time, so I taped my personal business card to my computer monitor as a daily reminder. I ended up being at that job for a year, while I built my videography business on nights and weekends. A year into the job, we were wrapping up the year’s student recruiting cycle and planning to hop into the next there was some staffing changes happening and I ended up being able to leave that position. I was hoping to exit soon, but I very quickly found myself free and on my own to pursue the business I had built up. It was absolutely terrifying, but one of the best things that had happened up to that point.

After that, I met my co-founder of Spero Labs helping film projects out of Capital Factory, a co-working space in Austin, TX. We’ve been running Spero for about 3 years now and have worked with clients I never imagined possible.

I started blogging here to share my experiences and to help other creators in their business goals and to build a community - whether you’re still working a 9-5 and thinking about starting that side-hustle, or a fellow entrepreneur who needs inspiration and resources to succeed.

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